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Start up tech law uk

We are a specialist provider of technology legal expertise informed by technologists, policy advisors, security experts and innovators. If you are an early stage company or startup and your value is built into your technology, we will strive to protect your rights while allowing the realisation of maximum value from technology assets.

Information Technology

Our role requires deep technical knowledge together with an ability to be comfortable with innovative topics, such as robotics, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Areas of information technology that we specialise in include the following:

IT contracts
Digital Assets
AI and machine learning

Regulation & Compliance

Information technology and its deployment are subject to a growing list of statutory, regulatory, contractual and legal compliance obligations. Techtonica assists SMEs with identifying, interpreting and applying these requirements in a manner consistent with its business processes. Moreover, techtonica monitors changes in the regulatory environment and determines whether they apply to the client.

Privacy & data protection
GDPR compliance & certification
Network & information security (NIS)
ISO 270001

Policy & Strategy

Techtonica engages with numerous technology policy fora and can assist clients in formulating policies underpinned by the principles or the protocols necessary to guide business decisions. Once a robust policy is in place, we can advise on a strategy and finally devise a detailed plan to achieve this strategy. In relation to regulatory strategy for product development, this would consist of a test-driven assessment of a product's development options, key considerations and likely regulatory outcome, from the earliest development stages through planned further modifications following authorisation or acceptance.

Information security
Data protection
Legal policy and strategy
Regulatory strategy

Research & Innovation

The information society owes its economic growth and progress to research and innovation. Technology and its ongoing development never stands still and even now classical computing and traditional methods of encryption are becoming obsolete. As hardware development advances, “blue sky” thinking is more critical than ever before. Blue-sky thinking is the activity of trying to find completely new ideas. However blue-sky thinking without more is insufficient: it must be translated into practical change.

Software development
Hardware development
Data ownership
Licensing rights
Joint ventures, consortia agreements and subcontracting
Protection of confidentiality and know-how
Technology transfers and exploitation of new developments

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